To the centre of Sweden.

Bofors Test Center is located in Karlskoga in central Sweden midway between Stockholm and Oslo in close proximity to airports and hotels. Welcome to Heaven.

Street address.

Bofors Test Center
Bofors Skjutfält 201
691 52 Karlskoga


WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 59° 19.238′, E 14° 36.163′
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 59.32063, 14.60271
RT90: 6578374, 1431535
SWEREF99 TM: 6575822, 477387

By air.

There are two alternatives to get to Karlskoga by air. Fly to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and continue 244 km by car, bus or train or fly to Örebro Airport and continue 34 km by car.

Visit Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s webpage here
Visit Örebro Airport’s webpage here

By train.

You can choose to go by train from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Degerfors Station:
Order your train ticket here
Type from: Arlanda C to: Degerfors

From Degerfors Station you can then continue 20 km to Bofors Test Center using taxi.
Order a taxi here

By road.

If you go by car you can drive using following directions:

From Stockholm Arlanda Airport:
Stockholm Arlanda Airport – Bofors Test Center

From Örebro Airport:
Örebro Airport – Bofors Test Center

By bus from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Karlskoga Bus Station:
Order your bus ticket here
Type from: Arlanda to: Karlskoga Busstn

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