We care.

Environmental policy.

Bofors Test Center performs qualified testing, primarily of weapons, ammunition and other products within the field of explosive substances, service life extension and demil of ammunition as well as destruction of explosive substances. Bofors Test Center endeavours not only to comply with environmental legislation, but also to exceed it as far as possible. In our endeavours to ensure minimum environmental impact we work on:

  • Considering the environmental aspects for tenders and in our planning of tests.
  • Making constant improvements to reduce emissions from our destruction facilities.
  • Sorting our waste so that all fractions over and above destruction residue can be re-used, recycled or recycled to obtain energy.
  • Assisting the emergency services and the community in general in the event of emergencies, primarily forest fires.
  • Identifying and implementing actions to reduce energy consumption.
  • Limiting noise dispersal by planning firing in locations where the noise will cause minimal disturbance.
  • Safeguarding biological diversity.
  • Using minimal chemicals.

Quality policy.

The objectives that characterize our quality work are:

  • Ensuring delivery of the right quality at the right time and to the right location.
  • Minimising costs resulting from quality defects.
  • A high level of availability and flexibility.

This is achieved by:

  • Maintaining procedures that minimise the risk of repeated quality defects.
  • The business system’s processes being systematically revised to achieve continuous improvements.
  • Actively following up on quality-improvement measures to ensure the desired effect is achieved.
  • The organisation’s quality efforts being measured in connection with the management’s annual review and being analysed.
  • Ongoing follow-up taking place regularly during the year.
  • Measuring customer perceptions of quality in order to find ways to further improve and strengthen quality work.
  • The incident reporting system being used as a basis for the analysis.


On 25 July 2003, a new law on electronic communication came into force.

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