Processing of personal data – information according to The General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EU) (GDPR)

This text is intended to provide information to the data subject about how Bofors Test Center (hereafter BTC) processes personal data.

BTC is aware of the value of personal privacy and is committed to complying with the applicable data protection regulations, GDPR. BTC ensures that everyone is given a statutory right to protect the personal data relating to him or her.

BTC is responsible for personal data for the personal data relating to customers, other business partners etc. which BTC receives in connection with the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of the services BTC provides, in connection with the conclusion of another agreement or when an agreement is being prepared or administered. No one is obliged at any time to submit personal information to BTC. However, without this being done, BTC will not be able to provide its services or to enter into other contractual and employment contracts necessary for the business.

BTC processes personal data on employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners mainly to perform and administer the services provided by the company, for accounting and billing purposes, and to protect its customers and employees.

This personal data is largely treated with agreements as a legal basis. This applies to most personal data that BTC receives at and prior to both customer agreements, contractor agreements and agreements with the auditor etc. as well as employment contracts.

BTC also treats personal data with legal obligation as a legal basis. This applies to the personal data that must be retained by BTC in accordance with the Accounting Act and possibly other legislation.

The personal data is stored according to the obligation incumbent on BTC by law. Personal data that is processed for the purpose of developing, analyzing and marketing BTC’s operations are stored for one year after the last contact.

BTC will not disclose personal data to third parties other than in cases where (1) it has been specifically agreed between BTC and you as the personal data relates, (2) if it is necessary for BTC to fulfill statutory obligations in any form, or (3) if BTC engages any third party supplier of any kind who performs assignments on behalf of BTC.

You have the right to no cost request information from BTC about how BTC uses personal information that concerns you. BTC will at your request and at your own initiative correct or delete personal data that is incorrect or limit the processing of such personal data. You further have the right to request that your personal data is not processed for direct marketing purposes. You also have the right to access your personal data in a machine-readable format. If you are dissatisfied with BTC’s processing of your personal data, we would like this to be communicated to us in the simplest way. You can also submit a complaint to the Swedish Integrity Protection Authority, which is the Swedish supervisory authority. You can also contact the supervisory authority in the country where you live or work.

If you have any questions about our uses of personal data you can contact:

If you have any questions about our use of personal data you can contact us at