2000 km3 of total freedom.

Since 1886, we have been taking ordnance to the very edge to find out exactly where its limits lie – and each time we have documented the process down to the last detail. Because what’s hell for your product is heaven for your investment.

Bofors Test Center has a well-developed infrastructure with a 250 km network of roads connecting the large number of test sites, laboratories, offices and other buildings. Our proving ground has an approximate maximum firing range of 25 km and an approximate width of 4 km. Together with our neighbour Villingsberg, a Swedish Armed Forces training area, we provide a total restricted operation area of approximately 200 km2.

Large detonations or high altitudes. No problem.

At our state-of-the-art proving ground we could detonate charges with NEQ of up to 250 kg TNT equivalent and we have a restricted airspace of 30,000 feet which could be temporarily extended if required. We could also provide helicopter service for surveillance, tracking and transport.

Larger detonations or longer firing ranges. We can arrange it.

If a longer firing range and detonation of larger charges are required we will have access to Älvdalen which is a 540 km2 Swedish Armed Forces training area situated 300 km north of Bofors Test Center. At Älvdalen we could fire heavy artillery up to distances of 50 km and detonate charges with an NEQ of up to approximately 5 tons. This gives you the opportunity to test the most extreme of conventional weapon systems.