The tools to get the job done.

Bofors Test Center’s highly skilled engineers and photographers are experts in capturing data from very fast events. We deliver the truth. Everytime.

High speed and normal speed.

With our state-of-the-art data acquisition systems from LDS and ultra modern high-speed video cameras from Photron we can record an extremely fast process for further assessment. When normal-speed video coverage is enough we use HD video cameras from Sony.

Radar, weather and telemetry.

For ballistic firings we have radar systems from Weibel, meteorological sounding systems from Vaisala and telemetry systems from JDA.

Optical tracking.

We can also provide an optical tracking system, delivered by IMAGO, which can track flying objects like projectiles, missiles or UAVs. This system is very useful for registrations of rapid movements such as separation sequences in an objects trajectory using IR cameras, high-speed video cameras and HD video cameras. The platform follows objects automatically via pre-programmed trajectories or manually by an operator.


For analysis of the conditions inside an object we also have digital X-ray equipment. The equipment is mobile which enables X-ray on-site.