Reaching for the limits.

To test modern artillery systems, naval guns and cutting edge munitions you need extremely large proving grounds, a wide variety of targets and instrumentations to document every detail. BAE Systems always find these ingredients at Bofors Test Center.

Bofors Test Center has during many years been a testing and qualification service provider to BAE Systems. Well know systems like ARCHER, 40 mk4, Excalibur and Bonus have all proven their capabilities at the proving grounds.

”During the development of advanced weapon systems and intelligent ammunition at BAE Systems, Bofors Test Center has been and will in the future continue to be a very important service provider to test and verify the quality of our products.

Bofors Test Center can provide us with all the necessary services regarding gun tests for products like ARCHER and naval gun 40 mk4 onsite at their test range. They also provide us with top level testing in different environments around the world, for example with intelligent ammunition like Excalibur and Bonus.”

BAE Systems