The future starts today.

Ammunition and weapon systems have a limited lifetime. As the end of their service life approaches, after several years of usage and storage, you have to make an important decision. Is it time to demilitarize the munition, or can its life be extended?

Key investment decisions must be based on knowledge of reliability and function – so you need information you can trust. That’s where we come in.

Extending service life.

Bofors Test Center has the resources and skills to help you check the status of stored equipment and ammunition and perhaps establish a new expiry date. In our unique testing program, we evaluate your product’s status and perform an extensive safety analysis which leads to well-founded recommendations for storage, modifications or destruction.

We can also put new products through an environmental ageing process and carry out complete performance tests, all in a single assessment project.

Tomorrow is here.

By using Bofors Test Center’s lifetime extension services, you benefit from:

  • Knowledge of the remaining lifetime of your product
  • Recommendations on modifications that will cut costs
  • Improved safety
  • Our independent position
  • Our cost-efficient and flexible solutions