The sky is the limit.

Located midway between Oslo and Stockholm, Bofors Test Center provides a cost-efficient test environment for small and medium sized Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

We can arrange demonstrations and support development testing and training courses for both qualified and unqualified systems. Bofors Test Center is fully authorised by the Swedish authorities to test unmanned systems. Furthermore, we will arrange all the permits and approvals required for your specific missions.

Since our core business is the testing of weapon systems and ammunition, we can easily combine this with our deep knowledge of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and provide advanced target drones for ground-to-air defence systems.

Comprehensive facilities.

  • 200 km2 of restricted land
  • 30,000 feet of restricted airspace
  • Well-equipped workshops
  • Close proximity to airports and hotels

Extensive infrastructure.

  • Open jet wind tunnel
  • Environmental test laboratory
  • Optical Tracking System
  • Telemetry
  • Helicopter service for surveillance, tracking and transport

Tomorrow today.

Whatever your needs are to make your UAS the best option on tomorrow’s battlefield, Bofors Test Center is the cutting-edge test facility of today, always ready to open up the skies for your investment.