Dear Reader,

The whole process of defence materiel acquisition is a very heavy and slow but accurate process. Especially when it comes to weapons, ammunition, missiles and other objects connected to the use of energetic materials.

It normally starts with an analysis of a possible threat from a potential future enemy and ends as a demil project many, many years later. I have spent 25 years working in the Swedish Armed Forces of which I for 15 years was deeply involved in that process. It is a challenge and every step forward is normally followed by half a step backwards.

However there are some, but few, really fun and truly interesting occasions within this mass of work.

These occasions are when it is time to test the products. To see if they can cope with their requirements in spite of the fact that they have been heavily mistreated, shaken and stirred, cooled and heated etc. Still, the thing works as planned! (It is less fun when the opposite happens, but if you have gigabytes of high-speed data of the event, hopefully you realize why it happened.)

These occasions are our daily work at Bofors Test Center. It has been since 1886. We are in a controlled way pulling our customers’ products through Hell and back. Helping them to defeat the impossible and create their own Heaven. This is why we smile.
Come smile with us!

Col. (Ret.) Stefan Krol

President, Bofors Test Center