Don’t learn safety by accident.

Insensitive Munitions is all about the safety of the soldier in the field of duty. Therefore all IM testing has to be 100% accurate with no exceptions. Not a single one.

Bofors Test Center is an independent private company with the experience and resources required to establish a complete and fully accurate IM signature on competitive terms. We can assess which tests are necessary and how they should be performed. We perform them and measure, film and record every event in detail. We assess the results and provide complete reports. If there is a safety hazard hidden inside a product, we will find it. Every time.

Full range.

Our comprehensive range of tests covers all aspects of IM testing:

  • Bullet impact
  • Fragment impact
  • Shaped charge jet impact
  • Slow cook-off
  • Fast cook-off
  • Sympathetic reaction


The benefits of IM testing are obvious: improved safety and enhanced logistics. Bofors Test Center’s experienced staff, cutting-edge equipment and flexible organisation guarantee cost-efficient and reliable testing. 100% accurate. Every time.