For specific requirements.

If you are looking for big target butts, specialised missile test sites or large recovery areas you will find it all at the same place. Bofors Test Center.

Since most of our equipment is mobile we could easily adapt to new situations and use our temporary test sites built for special purposes. We have also during the years performed tests in other parts of the world which still could be done if required. At Bofors Test Center we are always defeating the impossible.

Tanks. Naval guns.

At our largest target butt Brotorp which was built to catch tank ammunition we could provide direct firing ranges from 1,000 – 2,700 m. The height of this target butt is 18 m from ground to ceiling. At Älgsimmen, our proximity fuze test area, we have firing ranges from 600 – 1,600 m and we provide different target solutions like cylindrical, spherical and missile targets.


We have two test sites for missile testing; Beteshult for anti-tank missiles and Bredtjärnstorp for anti-aircraft missiles.

At Beteshult we have firing ranges from 1,000 – 1,840 m and different target solutions like T-72, BMP-1 and moving tank targets. We also build temporary drop towers for large test items at Beteshult. The firing ranges at Bredtjärnstorp are from 1,500 – 4,500 m and we can provide fixed targets like hovering helicopter and also towed targets and UAV targets.

Artillery. Insensitive munitions.

Our test site Bonusplan is a 300 x 300 m flat levelled and unobstructed area covered with gravel. Bonusplan was built for recovery of artillery sub-munitions but is also used for e.g. sympathetic reaction tests and testing of unmanned aircraft systems. The maximum firing range to Bonusplan is 19 km. Bofors Test Center’s other recovery area 22,000 is a 500 x 800 m open soil and gravel surface impact area for indirect fired ammunition and the maximum firing range is 22 km.


When we have requirements for large detonations with NEQ of up to 250 kg TNT equivalent we use our destruction site Rösimmen situated in the centre of our restricted operation area.