In reality there are no perfect conditions.

How will your products react in harsh environments? Are they designed for use when the conditions are tough?

Will they withstand transportation and storage in extreme conditions? Are you using the right materials? Could a change in design improve the ability of your products to withstand environmental effects?

Environmental testing.

Knowing the answers to these questions can give you a competitive edge and provide investment advantages. When you need environmental testing, you need information you can trust. As a private and independent Swedish company, Bofors Test Center has the experience and resources to generate and provide the critical information you need.

Complete range.

We have the experience, knowledge and resources to help you with everything from writing specifications to performing the tests and assessing the results. From the results given in our detailed reports, you will know exactly what performance to expect in any defined environment.

Our strengths.

We have the facilities, instrumentation and knowledge to test any environmental exposure that your equipment will face.

  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Drop
  • Bump
  • Bounce
  • Acceleration
  • Climate
  • Thermal shock
  • Sand and dust
  • Salt spray
  • Solar radiation
  • Rain
  • Pressure