For the most extreme tests.

Shaped charge jet performance. aerodynamics. rocket velocity and effects of impact. illumination characteristics. protection ability. we can investigate it.

If you have very specific requirements Bofors Test Center has very specific facilities.

Flash x-ray. See what you cannot see.

Our flash X-ray facility could be used for both static and dynamic firings and is widely used for evaluation of shaped charge jets. Let us assess your warheads capabilities.

Open jet wind tunnel. Failure? It survives.

In Bofors Test Center’s open jet wind tunnel we could simulate wind speeds from 10 m/s to Mach 3.6 and test items and scale models up to a length of approximately 40 cm. The open exhaust allows parts from the test object to separate during testing and air could be pre-heated to maximum 600°C. Be airborne. On the ground.

Rockets. Torpedoes. Missiles. Keep calm and carry on.

Live tests of advanced products are often costly. At our 395 m long rail track test facility, which ends at an armoured target butt, you can test the performance of your products at the velocities they are designed for. We can even provide propulsion using our own rockets and sleds. Cost-effective? Yes it is.

Let there be light. And there was light.

At our illuminating test area we can register the performance of both conventional illuminating shells and IR shells. The test objects can be rotated and the angle of attack is adjustable. Drag and drop velocities can also be simulated. Light up the battlefield at Bofors Test Center.

Are you safe? Wearing your west?

One of Bofors Test Center’s latest special test facilities is our indoor firing range. There we can fully control the environment from gun position to target and provide exactly the same conditions during every test. We have an amount of guns in various calibres and can also fire different kinds of fragments up to a distance of 50 m.

A journey to the centre of your products. no hidden secrets.

With our very latest investment, an industrial computed tomography scanner, you can investigate your product down to the tiniest detail or even fibre by fibre. You can also create 3D models and use this data for 3D printing. Failures have nowhere to hide.